Cancer Research

Please contact me if you are interested in participating in a research study regarding the effects of a raw food lifestyle on quality of life and health for cancer patients. The study is currently underway and accepting participants until November, 2017.

What is the Research About Wellness (RAW) program?

The Research About Wellness program is a 4-week, evidence-based lifestyle program designed to promote health for cancer patients.  The program includes education in a raw, vegan, organic, low-gylcemic diet, which research supports for oncology patients.  The program also includes occupational therapy sessions to develop an individualized exercise program, for instruction and participation in stress management methods, and for fatigue management and behavior modification. The RAW program is a research project, designed as thesis study for the Spiritual Nutrition Mastery program, which was developed by holistic physician Gabriel Cousens, MD.

What are the rewards?

The greatest reward will be empowerment in your journey through cancer, with an expected significant increase in your health and vitality. In addition, each participant will receive a free copy of the book Rainbow Green, Live Food Cuisine, a guided imagery CD, a Shibashi qigong exercise DVD (similar to tai chi), an aromablend, program materials, and a link to online education. Those who complete the program can select additional rewards, such as a program t-shirt, mug, or hat, as well as minutes towards a massage.

What is the structure of the program and the cost?

The program includes 5 weekly occupational therapy visits, held on Mondays at the Kotsanis Institute. The initial visit will last ~ 1.5 hours, and each subsequent visit will last ~ 45 minutes. There will be a co-pay of  $20. – $30. per session. Your insurance will be billed for you.

Who is teaching the program?

Suzy Edmonson, LOT, LMT, C-AK will be your occupational therapist and teacher. Suzy has been an occupational therapist since 1985, specializing in complementary methods and oncology survivorship. Suzy has been studying and practicing complementary methods since 1996, and is a touch therapy teacher, massage therapist, yoga teacher, and a certified Live Food & Lifestyle Instructor. The lifestyle program Suzy teaches has been instrumental in her recovery from an autoimmune illness similar to rheumatoid arthritis, and it is the program she follows as a cancer survivor. Suzy teaches Survivorship lifestyle programs and practices manual therapy at the Kotsanis Institute, in Grapevine, TX.  Suzy has been an occupational therapist at Baylor University Medical Center/Baylor Scott & White since 2001, and co-created the oncology rehabilitation Survivorship lifestyle program for Baylor Scott & White, Dallas campus.

What’s the schedule?

  • Week 1 – initial evaluation and education, program overview, as well as ~4 hours of online education in the diet and lifestyle
  • Week 2 – begin the 3-Week Challenge, following a raw, vegan diet; development of individualized exercise program in occupational therapy session
  • Week 3 – instruction/participation in stress management methods in occupational therapy session
  • Week 4 – education regarding work/rest balance and long-term success in occupational therapy session
  • Week 5 – complete the 3-week challenge, discharge evaluation

Please call the Kotsanis Institute to schedule: 817 481-6342, or call Suzy at: 817 996-9961.

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