Josef’s Story

My 26-year-old nephew, Josef, who attended the Raw Food, Radiant Life! class about a month ago told me over the phone that he had put into practice what he had learned, and he “felt better.” I asked him “In what ways?” He told me that he would put it in an e-mail. This is what I received:

“Hi Suzy,

I notice a big difference when I’m eating more or only raw. Before I found raw I noticed that no matter what I ate there always was a certain degree of discomfort after every meal. Sometimes it would be severe discomfort and I would be unable to stay awake. I guess that was the sugar spike and crash. When it comes to raw foods, it’s different though. I never feel any kind of discomfort, feel full sooner, and actually feel BETTER than before the meal.

This is astounding to me because everything I eat always has negative effects on my mood and comfort level. There are even times I’m in a bad mood and feel sluggish and just blah but then I eat a good raw meal and am elevated! My senses are more heightened, I see and hear better, I feel lighter and less stressed. Its like taking a magic pill, and its my number one motivation for eating raw because my whole life its always been the exact opposite.
You eat cooked food = you feel worse off mentally, physically, and psychologically.
You eat Raw = You’re elevated mentally, physically, and psychologically from the state you were before you ate.
…..Mind Blown.

The coolest part that I’ve experienced is the spirituality part. When I was a child I grew up in a wooded area and I always felt extremely connected to everything. I grew up and I noticed that I didn’t feel like that anymore, but I remembered feeling like that so it was like I lost something. The more I eat raw the more I feel like I am revisiting an old feeling of connection to the things around me. I don’t feel so shut off or clipped from the cloth. There is an overwhelming sense of lightness sometimes, lightness from my worries and anxieties, lightness with my body like its easier to move … I’m not fighting against my body as if I were in quicksand; we are connected again and on the same page.

Also, much like what meditation does for you in all aspects of life, raw food seems to have a lot of the same effects. Your mind is clearer and your heart rate is lower when put under strain. You’re more understanding and not quick to hate, judge, fear, or give up.

I could go on forever about all the changes I feel, and it seems like the more I do it and the more consistent I am, the more intensely beautiful my life becomes. I’ve never experienced more dramatic positive change from anything else. In my experience, when you go raw all the other negative things seem to change or transform, or your perception transforms about them. People are always trying to change for the better and constantly failing; raw food excites so much change in your life for the better that it almost seems too simple. Which is kind of funny, because the raw foods diet is very hard… but when you compare it to the massive amounts of positive effects… it might as well be a magic pill. I could work on all these things without raw food and not achieve them in 2 life times.

It’s like “growing younger.”

I am mostly excited about what I have yet to experience.

I hope you don’t mind my ranting about raw food lol. These are just some thought and things I’ve noticed.. like I said, I could go on for ever; Ill try and send you more as it happens.

You can feel free to edit anything if it doesn’t make sense how I put it, I’m sure you know exactly what I am talking about in this email even more so than I do! lol

Thank You Suzy!!”